Comparison Table

How to Choose a Single Serve Coffee Maker?

Single serve coffee maker is definitely your thing if you don’t take a full cup of coffee at one time. It is especially made for people who like to take half a mug or may be less. Single serve coffee makers have quickly gained popularity and now they are deemed necessary for homes and offices.

Not all the single serve coffee makers are same. In fact, there are a lot of features that you must look into before deciding for a coffee maker. Following information will help you in choosing the best single serve coffee maker for yourself. If you haven’t got much time, there is a handyComparison Table so you can see at a glance what features stand out the most.

  • Brew size  How much coffee do you take at one time? If you take a full mug then select the one with single cup option. If you take less than one cup then there are many options which allow you to make 4-12 oz.,6-10 oz. or 8-14 oz. at a time. However, you may want to consider that larger the brew, milder the coffee will be.
  • Brewing time  Most good quality single serve coffee makers brew in less than a minute. Those, which don’t have a reservoir, can take 2-3 minutes. Try to fill the reservoir with room temperature water so that you won’t have to wait long for the coffee.
  • Water reservoir capacity  You must consider the size of water reservoir (ranging from 40 oz., 60 oz., 80 oz., etc.) while purchasing a coffee brewer. A small tank can easily accommodate one person and is the right selection if only one person is going to use it. However, you should go for a large tank if you are planning to use it for guests who visit you on and off. Choose a commercial unit if you are going to put it in your office.
  • Pack compatibility  There are some compatibility issues which you might face with coffee brewers. Some support T-discs, K-cups, ground coffee and pods while others don’t.
  • Programmable  A programmable coffee maker can get your coffee ready on the time you set it for. You can also program temperature and brew sizes. A great option!  
  • Water filter  Water filter kit is optional and is used to eliminate an unpleasant odor from the water.
  • Drip tray  A removable tray is better as it allows cleaning up the spills. Some drip trays can be turned over which allows to make coffee in taller mugs.